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When is the Best Time to Wax?

When making plans to go for a holiday or attend a big event, one of the biggest concerns is deciding the right time to wax. Booking your waxing appointment at the right time will not only ensure that you get rid of the hair but will also give you enough time to recover. This guide will help you to make proper timing for your waxing hair removal.

Are You Waxing for the First Time?

When going for your first waxing appointment, you may find the process more painful. You have more hair in your body and your skin will be extra sensitive. If you plan on attending a huge event, you should get your hair waxed three days before the big day. This way, your skin will have time to recover from any side effect you may have suffered from the process. You wouldn’t want to have red patches or irritation on your skin when you are supposed to look your best.

How is Your Hair Growth Cycle?

Waxing hair removal will get rid of the hair in the growing phase. After your appointment, you will notice a new growth of hair which are the hairs that were in a different phase. You’ll need to go for another appointment to get rid of these hairs as well. If you fail to go for any of your appointment, you’ll be denying yourself a chance to get rid of the hairs that were growing at that time. This will not only make the process less successful.

Which Day Will Work Best for You?

In addition to waxing, it is possible that you have other commitments and issues that you need to sort out before your big day. For instance, you may need to make your bookings, do some shopping, and re-assign some of your duties until you get back. You should book your appointment when you have enough time and are more relaxed to bear the process.

Is the Aesthetician Available?

Though there may be hundreds of waxing spas in your neighborhood, not all will get you the results that you want. You need to choose a spa where the aesthetician is trained, has adequate experience in hair removal, and one that has a good reputation from his past clients.

There are times when your favorite aesthetician will be fully booked and may not be in a position to accommodate new appointments. To avoid getting disappointed, it is advisable to make your booking early enough. This can be one month before or some weeks before based on how busy the wax pro usually is.

The most important thing is to get your waxing hair removal early enough so that you can have time to recover. If there were any irritations, burns or any form of discomfort from the waxing process, you’ll have recovered and regained the glow on your skin. If you are not able to choose the right time to get waxed, you can contact the aesthetician to help you make this decision.

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