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Information for Traveling in Bali

When you are considering a trip to a charming island, Bali must be one of the names that come into your mind immediately. When you stay in Bali, those grand hotels will offer you the same high-quality service as you expected, while there are also some charming small villages in Bali which have not changed through centuries. Staying in the villages will give you a special experience as if you stepped back and witnessed the history.


The currency used in Bali is the Indonesian Rupiah and if you come from a developed country, you will find your money is strong and can support you a long way. People in Bali are quite hospitable and they are always willing to lend a helping hand to tourists in trouble. They offer excellent tourist services to make you enjoy the wonderful scenery in Bali. You are not allowed to tip in some places, but I’m sure that you will love those top restaurants in Bali because of the food and services.

Manners and customs

Learn some local customs before you go to Bali. Balinese attach great importance to manners and respect, so learning some customs of Bali before you go there is necessary. Since Bali is acknowledged as an international travel destination, Balinese accept most of the westerners’ manners. However, it is still more convenient for you to know some basic local customs and you will find that people will become friendlier if you show respect for their customs. Don’t worry that you cannot get the customs right. Balinese will always appreciate your efforts.


Show respect for religion in Bali and don’t be rude. Here are some basic manners that you need to observe in Bali. Bear them in mind and you will avoid much offense. It is forbidden to pat or touch someone on the head, as it is thought awfully rude to Balinese. Keep the warning in mind all the time especially when you meet a lovely children. It is okay when you point with your hand, but pointing with your foot is regarded impolite. Religion is vital to Balinese, so don’t hang any clothes on the temple walls when you visit a temple. Be sure to sit lower than holy objects and honorable guests at ceremonies or weddings. Remember to hang your underwear on the lowest rung after doing washing and don’t walk under a washing line to make sure that the underwear is not above your head.

Climate and Health Protection

Also, some unpleasant little bugs and insects cannot be avoided sometimes. So be sure to check with your doctor for any vaccine you may need before you leave for Bali. Another warning is that don’t drink the tap water and some people even suggest not to brush your teeth with it. You can get bottled water at a low price everywhere so remember to use it, otherwise you might end up your journey with something called Bali Belly.

With so much to offer, many visitors of this island claim that it is like a paradise on earth and a romantic place for couples. If you are considering spending your honeymoon abroad, Bali is one place you should consider. There are several benefits when choosing Bali as your honeymoon destination.

Unlike other honeymoon destinations such as Paris, Venice, and the Bahamas, Bali is not a place too crowded. You could still enjoy your privacy while visiting many attractions in this island. There are also a number of unique options available for accommodations, from modest inns to luxurious hotels including seaside hotels, as well as hotels and cottages amidst its hills and mountains. Many of these hotels also have spas and massage services for your rejuvenation after a tiring day.

Most importantly, Bali is a relatively safe place, especially for honeymooners. Hinduism is widely practiced by the people in the island. The locals are very friendly and accommodating. Reported crimes committed against foreigners are also very rare. You will surely enjoy exploring this island without worrying too much about your safety. However, it is still advised to always exercise caution when in public places, just like when visiting most places.